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Operation Ease

Dental high speed motors are great but with air driven speed can lack for torque and heat. With Meg-Engine, surgery can be easy and also intuitive screen can makes easy to configure as you configured.


Accurate and Precise

For years we used to reduce pain by using syringes. However with Meg-Inject we share different option. Not only try to reduce pain but also monitoring amount by computer guided.



For hygienic and effective cleaning

Meg-Cleaner was developed for simpler and more hygienic environment of clinics. Using ultrasonic, _____ and _____; we can archive even effective cleaning solution.


Dental Implant Torq

Most of the dentist use handheld driver for implanting dental implants. But if miss or over torque then implant fractures. Our Meg-Torq can be even more simple and also provides equal torque which makes safer placement.



Quick and ease

No longer wait for the curing process after 3D printing. Just within 30 seconds and you'll have unbelievable results. With MEDUSA, you will have alway fast and no more shrinkage from the curing process. Best in class and chamber size, we guarantee you will have best result.


Seeing is believing

Many years we went to dentist or other doctors to diagnose simple things. With MegaEYE we show you by projecting whenever and wherever it disturbs. By using MegaEYE, seeing is truly believing.

megaeye w.png


Freedom from tethering

We have listened from MEGAEYE. Therefore we are launching MEGAEYE W. With MEGAEYE W, not only you can use for iOS devices but also you can use it for PC and macOS. Using WiFi connection for stability and secure connection and battery operated, you are free to move your arm. Also, additional using a microphone on mobile/PC, it is also possible to voice activate by saying "Photo". Easy, right?

Elec Master

Power of electric motor in your hand

We made powerful electric motor to ease to handle in unit chair;

with real time speed, 3 memory function, with dual motor(optional)

you have all the power in your side

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