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The company was established in 2008 to promote the establishment of overseas production and sales bases with the aim of globalization of domestic dental implant technology.  With the management know-how of the CEO of the dentist, technical expertise of its affiliated companies, and efforts of its shareholders, we have established the first bridgehead in overseas markets and gradually expanded to various countries such as Japan and China.

 As a part of pioneering new field of dental industry in Korea, we invested in dental impression materials and new material development company and digital dentistry core technology, specialized in dental porcelain design and diagnosis service.  In addition, we are supporting the establishment of a world-renowned dental clinic in accordance with the increasing demand for benchmarking the operation, management and management know-how of Mir dental clinic.  In the future, we will establish a Global Dental Education Center that will spread the core technology and know-how to the world dental practitioners based on a network of dental technicians with excellent skills.

 MG Newton Co., Ltd. is not only staying in one technology and business, but also developing the type of technology and service to meet the development and change of the core industry, and creating the type and intangible value of the asset.

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